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Ready Seal® wood stain and sealer contains all the essential elements of a quality finish for exterior wood projects. Ready Seal® is a professional-grade wood stain and sealer in one that is superior to other products when comparing the ease-of-application, maintenance, and beauty of the finished project. Great for New Jersey decks and fences.


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Ready Seal wood stain and sealer:

      • Requires no primer on wood
      • May be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the wood surface
      • Requires no diluting or thinning prior to spray applications
      • Requires no back-brushing and Ready Seal® will never leave runs, laps or streaks
      • Requires no wet-line application, the product will blend itself
      • Requires no specific temperature range for proper application
      • Paint thinner clean-up
      • Oil bases stain

Many wood finishing products require a multi-step application process, often consisting of applying a wood stain to add color and then top-coating the wood stain with a wood sealer to protect from moisture.

Colors available: Ready Seal Natural, Pecan, Cedar, Clear, Mission Brown, Burnt Hickory, Mahogany, Redwood. Wisconsin cheese wheel

Ready Seal is a Wood Stain and Sealer in One!

All Ready Seal wood stains are formulated to add color and seal the wood from moisture in one step. Combining stain and sealer eliminates extra costs, saves time during application, and still produces a high-end quality finish.

Stain and Seal With No Cracking, Chipping, Flaking or Peeling!

Conventional wood stains typically form a rigid film on the surface of wood, rather than penetrating into the wood fibers themselves. This rigid film cannot flex with the expansion and contraction of the wood through the seasons and is prone to cracking, and peeling which eventually leads to coating failures.

All Ready Seal wood stain and sealers penetrate deep into wood fibers, moisturizing the wood with water-proofing oils and creating a flexible barrier that keeps moisture out. Because no rigid film is formed on the surface, our wood stains can flex with the woods’ expansion and contraction and will never crack, chip, flake or peel, another reason Ready Seal wood stain is the best stain!

Goof Proof Stain and Sealer for Wisconsin

Typical wood stains require back brushing, a process where you must smooth out unsightly runs, streaks and brush marks. Spraying typical wood stains requires spraying one section of the project at a time and immediately back brushing the area to prevent lap marks or runs.

Ready Seal wood stains are goof proof, meaning you never have to back brush, even if you’re spraying! No runs, laps or streaks – ever! That’s what you can expect from Ready Seal wood stain and sealer, the best stain and seal product available today!

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Wisconsin Dells was founded as Kilbourn City in 1857 by Byron Kilbourn, who also founded Kilbourntown, one of the three original towns at the confluence of the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic Rivers that joined to become Milwaukee. Before the establishment of Kilbourn City, the region around the dells of the Wisconsin River was primarily a lumbering area until 1851, when the La Crosse and Milwaukee Railroad was chartered, with Kilbourn as its president. The railroad made plans to bridge the Wisconsin River near the river’s dells, and a boomtown named Newport sprang up at the expected site of the bridge in 1853. The population of this new city quickly swelled to over 2,000, but when the railroad finally came through the area in 1857 it took nearly everyone by surprise by crossing the river a mile upstream from the site of Newport. As a result, Newport was rapidly turned into a ghost town as the settlers flocked to the new city at the site of the railroad bridge, Kilbourn City. The land at the point of crossing was originally owned by Parley Eaton. Byron Kilbourn bought the land from Eaton for a reduced price as everyone expected the railroad to cross at Newport. However, Kilbourn then went to Madison and lobbied the state to allow for the railroad right-of-way to be moved to cross at the point where he owned the land and greatly increased its value. Gradually, tourism became a large part of Kilbourn City. To make it easier for tourists to identify Kilbourn City with the natural landscape for which it was famous, the name of the city was changed to Wisconsin Dells in 1931. As the twentieth century progressed, new attractions began to draw even more tourists.

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